Workshop: How has your upbringing shaped you?

You grow up and suddenly notice that you have been raised by your parent(s) or guardian(s). How things went at your house is not how it goes everywhere. Your parents or guardians passed on their ideal, believes and rituals to you. Have you thought about what you want to take with you or leave behind?

In this flourishing class (workshop), we will share ideas and creative exercises about how you can deal with your upbringing. With the insights of philosophy and sociology we discover different parenting styles. Were your parents controlling or did they gave you the freedom to explore? What has it brought you? And when was the moment that your parents stopped raising you?  With the anthropologist Van Gennep, we research the importance of transitional rituals. We will create our own ritual, draw our lifeline, share experiences, and go back to our childhood. This way you consciously decide what you want to take with you and what you want to leave behind.


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On this night:

✔️ We share questions and insights about our upbringing
✔️ We go back to our childhood
✔️ We map our your upbringing
✔️ We decide which influences you want (not) to take with you