Workshop: How to find peace in the daily hustle & bustle?

There is so much to do. And everything is important. You can’t miss that one party. And you’ve got to finish your assignment. You want to meet up with friends. And also work on your resume. In the middle of running around, you sometimes feel exhausted. You plan on resting when it’s all finished.

In this flourishing class (workshop), we will share ideas and creative exercises about how you can find rest in the bustle. With the insights of philosopher Marli Huijer, we discover why we struggle to find rest and we discover the importance of rhythm. We use Stephen Covey’s classic ‘seven characteristics of effective leadership’ to look at our own calendars. What is urgent and what is important? We puncture balloons, breathe and share experiences. This way rest gets a place in your life. 



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On this night:

✔️ We share questions and insights about rest

✔️ We discover why we can’t find time for rest

✔️ We check the importance of our to do’s in our calendar

✔️ We give you tools to give rest a place in your life