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Workshop: What if we disagree?

We often disagree with each other. How could we not? We all are different people. We disagree with our partner, with our boss or someone’s political beliefs. Could we find a connection and get better from a conflict?

In this flourishing class (workshop), we will share ideas and creative exercises on how to handle conflict. With the insights of philosopher and psychoanalyst Peter Rollins, we take a closer look at our usual reactions, discover surprising alternatives, and take it into practice. With Kim Scott’s ideas you will discover how to respond in a way that is connecting and candid at the same time. We play with perspectives, question our own points of view, and learn to better indicate our boundaries. So that conflict can help you further next time.

On this night:

✔️ We share questions and insights about conflict

✔️ We take a closer look at your role in a conflict

✔️ We discover how conflict can be fruitful

✔️ We learn how to say what we think and connect at the same time


  • Datum:
  • Doelgroep: Jongvolwassenen
  • Locatie: De Kwekerij

Meer informatie

What can you expect?

Flourishing classes are inspiring workshops in which we discuss themes that go beyond the everyday practice. For example: life, love, relationships, friendship, career, and identity. Perhaps you sometimes ask yourself the question; what do I really think is important? Or what drives me and does that suit me? With disruptive exercises and in an experimental setting, we encourage you to think and take action. Not only do we give you the theoretical knowledge, but we also put it into practice right away and get to work actively to leave you with new insights and concrete next steps.


Students: €10,-
General: €15,-